Digestive Care

Explore our Digestive Care range designed to support a healthy gut. From probiotics to digestive enzymes, SN Herbals offers natural solutions to help you maintain optimal digestive health. Discover the power of a happy gut today!
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Rs. 120.00 – Rs. 360.00
BOWL FRESH POWDER Key Features: Ayurvedic Digestive Support: Contains a blend of Trifala, Sauf, Sanay, and other herbs. Relieves Constipation: Helps in effectively relieving constipation and gastrointestinal discomfort. Promotes Healthy...
Single QuantityPackage of 3+1
Glutton-DS Syrup (200ml) - SN HERBALS

Glutton-DS Syrup (200ml)

Rs. 130.00 – Rs. 390.00
Ayurvedic Formulation: Designed to support digestive health using traditional Ayurvedic herbs. Natural Ingredients: Contains Bhumiamla, Punarnava, and other herbs known for their digestive properties. Promotes Digestive Wellness: Aims to enhance...
Single QuantityPackage of 3+1
Glutton-DS Tablets (40 Tab.) - SN HERBALS

Glutton-DS Tablets (40 Tab.)

Rs. 120.00 – Rs. 360.00
Glutton-DS Tablets Key Features: Ayurvedic Formulation: Contains a blend of traditional Ayurvedic herbs for digestive wellness. Convenient Tablet Form: Easy-to-use tablets, ideal for on-the-go digestive support. Natural Ingredients: Made with...
Single QuantityPackage of 3+1