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Arshkuthar Ras

Arshkuthar Ras

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Arshkuthar Ras is a unique blend of ingredients such as Kajjali, Lauha Bhasma and Shunthi. This is especially designed to relieve the discomfort and signs of piles, also known as haemorrhoids.

It assists in the treatment of digestive problems including indigestion and anorexia and offers great relief from hemorrhoidal disorders.

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Key Ingredients

Suddha Rasa
Suddha Gandhaka
Lauha Bhasma
Abhraka Bhasma
Bilva Root
Suddha Vatsanabha
Danti Mool

Key Benefits

Helps in treating constipation which is a major cause of Piles (Haemorrhoids).
Aids in treating Anorexia, an eating disorder which makes people obsess about their weight and what they eat
Improve the digestive system in case of Indigestion.
As you age, your risk of haemorrhoids increases, this tablet helps by supporting the veins in the rectum and anus.

Directions For Use

250 to 500 mg a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurveda Doctor
Take it with Lukewarm Water

Safety Information

Keep it out of the sun and moisture in a cool and dry location.
Do not refrigerate.
Take under medical supervision.
Keep out of reach of the children.


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