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EPIGUARD SYRUP (For Psorosis, Ecezma) 200ml

EPIGUARD SYRUP (For Psorosis, Ecezma) 200ml

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Syp. - Epi-Guard

For Psorosis, Ecezma

  1. A) Reference: Proprietary
  2. B) Nature of Product: 200 ml Syrup.
  3. C) Ingredients: Each 5ml Contains aqueous Extract derived from:

Majistha 500mg,

Neem 500mg, Haridra 500mg,

Khadir 500mg,

Chirayata 500mg,

Guduchi 500mg,

Kutki 250mg,

Sariva 250mg,

Kanchnar 250mg,

Vidang 250mg.

Preservative: Sodium benzoate

Flavour: Q.S.

  1. D) Uses & Indications:

Psorosis, Ecezma, Kandu, Shitapitta, Vrana, Twakroga.

  1. E) Dosage: 2-3 TSF 2-3 times a day.
F) Presentation: 200ml


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Care Instructions

Store in a cool and dark place.

To be taken under guidance of ayurvedic physiciain.

This ayurvedic medicine is to be taken preferably with luke warm water.

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