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Linn-Fit (60 Tablets)

Linn-Fit (60 Tablets)

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For Medoroga/Obesity

  1. A) Reference: Proprietary
  2. B) Nature of Product: TABLET
  3. C) Ingredients:

vrikshamala 125 mg,

vidang 125 mg,

 trikatu 100 mg,

  1. guggulu 100 mg,

kutaki 75mg,

 punarnava 75 mg,

shigru 75 mg,

swarnmakshik bhasm 50 mg,

tamra bhasm 25 mg,

 Bhavna dravya- kanchar, citrak, amaltas, arjuna


  1. D) Uses & Indications: Medoroga/Obesity.
  2. E) Dosage: 2 TABLET twice a day with luke warm water.
  3. F) Presentation: 60 TAB



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Care Instructions

Store in a cool and dark place.

To be taken under guidance of ayurvedic physiciain.

This ayurvedic medicine is to be taken preferably with luke warm water.

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